Individual cremations

Your special, loved pet will be cremated individually with the cremains returned in a beautifully carved wood urn labeled with your pets name. You will also get your pets paw print in clay, as a keepsake, the rainbow bridge poem and a Certificate of Cremation.

At Countryside Pet Crematory your pet will be treated as if they were one of our own, with love, respect and dignity.  We promise, quality, professional afterlife care for your beloved companion. Losing a loved one is a painful and stressful event, cremation allows you to keep your pets with you, or scatter their ashes, with dignity, to achieve closure in such a difficult time. We strive to return your pets ashes in 3-4 days.  Pick up and delivery to your veterinarian are no charge. Home pick up and delivery are available at a nominal charge.

Special urns and keepsake necklaces are available.  You may also choose to have your pets ashes blown into a piece of glass art.  We can make a keepsake paw print of your pet if you choose communal cremation but want a keepsake to remember your beloved companion.

​Countryside Pet Crematory

A communal cremation means that your pet will be cremated with other pets.  The ashes are lovingly spread in the country.

communal cremations

Blessings, Respect and Dignity

special urns and keepsakes